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Mojena Market Timing uses a proprietary market timing model that issues buy and sell signals based on the S&P 500.  The basic strategy switches investments between an indexed stock fund or ETF that tracks the S&P 500 during buy signals and a money market fund during sell signals.  The model updates weekly following the market’s Friday close, so any signal change goes out over a weekend.  Trades are infrequent for the timing model, averaging about one per year.

Richard Mojena is Professor Emeritus of Management Science and Information Systems in the College of Business Administration at The University of Rhode Island.   He received a Ph.D. in Quantitative Analysis and Finance from the University of Cincinnati.  He has consulted and published articles in professional journals on statistical forecasting and classification methods, applied mathematics, and financial modeling.  He is the author and co-author of ten textbooks in operations research and computer programming, with new and used book sales of better than one million copies and known usage by more than 500 colleges in the U.S. and abroad.  He's also been cursed with a perverse desire to go out on limbs and is blessed with reasonably thick skin.

Richard is now retired, back on land in SW Florida in a new house with his wife Cynthia and new puppy Sophie.  They sold their Airstream travel trailer and floating home Sinterra and finally found a little sister more appropriate for exploring the local shallow waters, named “Ainokea” (unofficially Miss Nevi).  Ainokea is now for sale. 

And he does not spend all of his time fretting about the stock market.  See Richard and Cynthia’s Travel Blogs and Critter Chronicles.

There is no registration, newsletter, or email updates for this free service.  What you see at this website is what you get:  Complete current and year-by-year tested (from 1970) and actual (from 1990) results with no spin and no bias regarding selected performance dates.  A for-fee service is not available.

This complimentary service remains commercial-free with no advertising links or fees, except for the independent performance report provided by the TimerTrac link below the menu on the front page. Note that the TimerTrac report does not account for dividends and their reinvestment, as we do and as would be the case in the media, thus showing lower returns for both buy-and-hold and our standard strategy during buy signals than those seen under our live performance table in Reality Check. This is a significant difference in cumulative returns over long time horizons as dividends and their reinvestment make up 30-70% of S&P 500 total returns, depending on the chosen time horizon.

Mojena’s Believe it or not…

Model strategies beat S&P 500 by about 44 percentage points for standard strategy and 326 percentage points for aggressive strategy (using 2x buy & -1x sell) over 2002-2017 based on professional tracking service.


Ranked #7 top timer out of 67 over difficult 2005-2010: S&P -2%, Model Standard Strategy +74% based on Nasdaq100 w/just 6 trades.


Confirmed #1 most bookmarked market timing site.



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